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ABOUT US - Quality and Technology


QualiTech was founded in 2019 as a Norwegian-Polish initiative.  Utilising extensive experience and knowledge, a company was created, based on the values of Quality, Sustainability and Equality within the world of Technology.  Thus the name 'QualiTech' an acknowledgment of the symbiosis of Quality and Technology. 

Today our offices, based across both Norway and Poland, globally provide multi-disciplinary engineering, project consultancy, resource outsourcing, construction services and design.

We are active in multiple industries, such as, shipbuilding, recycling, construction, the energy sector, civil and marine engineering.

Our primary focus is simplicity for our customers, without compromising on

quality at any stage.

We work closely with our business partners, allowing us to understand their needs

Resulting in the delivery of great customer service throughout the project.


How QualiTech Group began and developed



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