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QualiTech Contractors On-site


QualiTech predominantly deals with electricians, sheet metal workers and welders.  However we have diversity in our ranks and have also completed projects in tunnels, mountains, building sites and offshore platforms. 

Even if you do not find what you are searching for on our site, its is still worth asking us via our contact form as we may be able to help!

Electric Car Ferry

Maritime Outfitting

QualiTech is involved in the construction, installation and fitting up of car ferries.  Working in collaboration with firms such as Westcon yards

Electrical Installations

Electro and electricians is a big area of expertise for QualiTech, so for all your electro needs, send us an email with your requirements no matter how large or small.

QualiTech Wiring Systems
QualiTech Welding

Sheet metal work and insulation

Thin plate, to welding and launching vessels, QT has a large hardworking team that could help your project come in on time and budget.

Carpentry, Scaffold, Welding

Other discipline examples from our work force include carpenters, pipe fitters, welders etc.

We also have solutions to many other challenges faced by customers, so please contact us with your challenges.

QualiTech Carpenter
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