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QualiTech - Quality and Technology Combined

Our Philosophy is - Make It Simple

QualiTech's underlying philosophy is "Make It Simple" whether it is engineering, oil and gas, staffing, or manpower.  We believe that complexity is not always necessary and often complicates, resulting in additional costs when delivering a project. 

"Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler" - Einstein 


Our Story

QualiTech founded in 2020 by Svein Tore Torvund and Arvid Lønne. 

Both highly experienced engineers, they formed the QualiTech Group AS. 

Drawing on their wealth of experience in many areas enable significant growth from the outset, even in spite of global problems faced by Covid.  In January 2022 they took a controlling share in HPR recruitment doubling their staffing capacity in daughter company QualiTech Staffing AS.

Despite its young age QualiTech Group AS now boasts over 250 employees, and continues to grow

 with its biggest growth area coming from QualiTech Staffing AS, based in Bergen, Norway.

Meet The Team

Each manager from the QualiTech Group bring their own skill set, knowledge and expertise in their chosen area.

The strength of the QualiTech Group is its diversity and close working relationships. 

If you approach our Engineering Department for a project design, we can deliver the design, the feasibility studies, and the project management.


If you need skilled workers to implement our plans QualiTech staffing can provide them, if it is a more specialised need then QualiTech Service could provide the answer. 


Once completed you may consider looking at other aspects of your business that need updating and streamlining, when it comes to your production.  This is where you could enlist the automation services of QualiTech Solutions.


In all your needs we can find a simple solution from within the QualiTech Group AS.

Svein Tore Torvund CFO

Svein Tore Torvund

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Marcin Rusin

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General Manager QualiTech Polska

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Terje Brurok

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General Manager QualiTech Service & Staffing


Arvid Lønne

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Co-founder and General Manager

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Jostein Torvund

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General Manager QualiTech Solutions

Our Customers

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