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QualiTech strengthens its hold and grows within the manning market!

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

QualiTech's skilled workers increase in size

QualiTech Group AS is starting 2022 in the same manner that it ended in 2021 – strongly.

January 24th 2022 news broke of the deal, where QualiTech Staffing acquired 50% of HPR from the maritime company Havyard Group ASA.

Combining these two companies will create greater strength within both onshore and maritime sectors that will lead to greater opportunities for customers and the markets they operate within.

Svein Tore Torvund of QualiTech, has taken up the role as ‘VP of Sales’ within HPR, and is looking forward to further developing HPR in other markets.

‘HPR is a company with lots of expertise and lots of potential. The company’s staff have extensive experience, which QualiTech believes will be a good fit with our strategy to target many different sectors and markets.’

This new acquisition into the QualiTech Group’s portfolio will provide ample opportunity to utilise HPR’s dependable skilled workers, network and logistics to grow both businesses throughout 2022 and beyond.

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