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QualiTech Service's Achilles JQS Registration

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

QualiTech's Achilles JQS Oil and Gas Registration

QualiTech Service is in a growth period for 2022 and as part of The QualiTech Group, it's important to follow the same protocols with JQS as our engineering and staffing companies.

Our key to success concerning our growth is customers. They are the only reason we are here, by registering with Achilles JQS, our customers know we meet oil and gas industry standards and QualiTech service is a trusted company. This means when customers are procuring a service or concerned with managing risk within a project, Achilles JQS ensures suppliers meet the industry requirements. Customers also know that the information is up-to-date and supplier information has been validated.

Live Today

Our questionnaire within Achilles went live today (mid-March) and includes our updated documents, policies, and requirements that are new for Achilles in 2022.

These updates will help streamline the process of renewal of Achilles JQS for QualiTech Engineering and QualiTech Staffing due in June 2022.

Now if you have made it this far down the blog post you are doing very well, as although this is very important for a business, it is not the most interesting topic to read about!

If you want to read more on these topics, you will be pleased to know that in addition to this registration, we have also added several new pages to our webpage to give brief explanations of what Achilles, Magnet, StartBANK, and ISO9001 mean.

These are stripped down to the most salient points and demonstrate that QualiTech is committed to Quality as its name suggests.

Thank you for reading, and I promise the next blog post will be more interesting than this one! - created by wirestock -

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