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QualiTech's Project Portfolio

Portfolio of recent projects

QualiTech's Engineering, Electro, Welding,
Sheet Metal work, and Installation projects portfolio.

Lerøy - fish processing plant

QualiTech Staffing worked in collaboration with Lofoten Elektro to reconstruct Lerøy's factory. #staffing

Lerøy and QualiTech Collaboration

Borga - Steel Hall Construction

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Steel Work Borga

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QualiTech's electrical work

Ainfra - Mountain Security Work

Working alongside Ainfra to ensure the security and safety of the rock face through a system of removal or bolting of loose rocks. #ropeaccess

QualiTech Fjellsikring

Ferry Conversions

MF Romsdalsfjord, MF Korsfjord, MF Moldefjord  MF Glutra involving the conversion of gas-powered ferries for hybryd-powered.

Read here about the project MF Glutra from our customer Westcon Yards

Fjord 1 Car ferry

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