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Rope Access

Rope Access (Tilkomstteknikker) is an efficient and effective method of access to a work area that can dramatically reduce our customers' resources, time, and cost.

Oil Rig at Sunset


QualiTech can provide experienced scaffolders to the offshore world, in addition, we have several workers in a variety of disciplines like NDT, mechanics, and electricians to name but a few.

Contact us or our climbing manager for availability 


Our onshore workers have experience in the city, mountain management, tree surgery, and road/tunnel work.

Get in touch with your needs and we can find a solution to your needs.

Contact our manager for availability 

QualiTech's Rope Access Technicians
QualiTech's GWO Rope Technicians

Wind Turbines

QualiTech has a dedicated team of GWO-qualified climbers for both onshore and offshore maintenance of wind turbines.

Contact our climbing manager for availability 

  • We can supply both IRATA and SOFT certified climbers

  • We have dedicated onshore and offshore teams

  • All climbers have up to date certificates 

  • Need a climber with a specialised skill?

Interested in joining the team or questions about what we can deliver?

Send an email to 

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