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  • Get In Contact With Us Today | QualiTech

    CONTACT US to find out how we can help your business today QualiTech Group AS +47 95 83 42 45 If you have a specific query about an Engineering, Manpower, or Business Collaboration project or just want more information about what we do. Then please use the form below and get in contact today. We will ensure your details reach the correct department for your needs. Sandslimarka 35 5254 Sandsli Norway QualiTech Engineering AS +47 99 22 42 48 Kyrkjebøvegen 309 6995 Kyrkjebø Norway Get in touch with us! First Name Last Name Email Company Message Submit QualiTech Polska Sp. z.o.o +48 513 147 762 Obornicka 330 60-995 Poznań Poland Although QualiTech predominantly performs all of its business online via phone and email contact we do have a spacious head office in Bergen, Norway. ​ Its location is shown here on the map on the right, located between Kiwi Supermarket and Biltema, we are actually next door to NextGenTel and share office space with Linjebygg, who are part of the Altrad Group. ​ We are more than happy to meet face to face in our business suite, you will find us on the ground floor. Alternatively we can come to meet you. ​ Use the form above to get in contact with us about a sit down meeting to discuss your staffing or engineering needs, our team is always happy to help.

  • 404 Error Page | QualiTech Group AS

    Oops Looks like this is the wrong path. Check the URL, or go back to the homepage and try again. Back to Homepage

  • Solar Panel | QualiTech Group AS

    The world's energy needs are growing daily, with alternative sources of energy becoming increasingly important. As the efficiency of solar panels increases the cost value benefit in countries like Norway become more attractive. Solar Panels Quote Now! What We Offer Affordable Solar Panels For All Solar panel ownership and installation used to be a very risky and costly enterprise in the past with limited returns on investment. In 2022 the market changed, with rising energy costs, uncertainty of oil and global crisis like war and pandemics, solar is the constant in the world of fluctuations. The latest technology giving ever higher connversion rates and yields per square metre than ever before. Solar panels are fast becoming the must have of the average home owner, reducing not only monthly costs but adding value to your house and life.

  • Bemanning | Qualitech

    Qualitech Engineering, Electro, Staffing and Project Management, QualiTech is a European Provider of Staffing, Manpower, Project Management, Automation, Engineering Design, Electrical Installations, Electro Engineers and more. ​ Working both offshore, and onshore in civil, industrial and maritime sectors. ​ Get in contact today to discover what QT can deliver for your business. Request a free no-obligation consultation and price. Email Subject Your message Send Thanks for submitting! Read more Automation Read more Engineering Read more Staffing Read more Construction

  • Staffing and Manpower Provider | QualiTech Group AS

    QualiTech Staffing - Electricians, Welders and more QualiTech Staffing has a host of skilled workers from multiple disciplines and sectors. Our predominant workforce is within the electro and electrical work in shipping. ​ After the purchase of HPR from the Havyard Group at the start of 2022, our workforce grew to over 250 skilled workers, making us one of the biggest providers. In addition to dominance in the field of electro, QualiTech Staffing employees have experience in a wide range of industries and markets. A key factor for QualiTech Staffing is Health and Safety or HMSK of our workers, our customers know that not only can we supply their manpower and staffing needs but in addition, our workers will perform the job safely and securely. ​ We pride ourselves on the fact that through our vast network and bank of multiskilled workers we can often meet the staffing and manpower demands of our customers both in and outside of these specialised areas. Contact us to find out our hourly rates Email Subject Your message Send Thanks for submitting! Electro Our highly skilled team of Electricians, work within the industrial sectors, executing and completing a wide variety of tasks. ​ 95% of our electro team hold current DSB qualifications. Skillsets and Project Areas Skillsets ​ Cable ways installation Laying and fixing cables I nstallation and connecting busbars M ain switchboard cabinets Connecting control cabinets and control panels Fire protection installations CCTV equipment ​ Projects ​ Silver Seed på Mølnarodden i Lofoten Lerøy Fish fillet factory in Stamsund Lerøy Midt bygger ut smoltanlegget i Belsvik Avinor Flysikring i Krystiansund Rokilde Omsorgsbolig og Sykehjem Kristiansund Shipyards QT Staffing works with all aspects of the electrical systems in shipping, ​ Switchboards Engine control rooms The engine room The bow thruster room Wheelhouse Air-condition systems Living quarters Galley and equipment (freezers and cookers) ​ Our electricians, follow technical drawings, to install and connect all systems, appliances, and devices on board. ​ As an employer of skilled workers we select the most qualified employees and tailor them to the needs of our clients when undertaking projects. ​ ​ Take me home Please contact us to find out how we will meet your staffing and manpower needs, and through our QA system you can be confident to receive a high level of quality from the QualiTech brand.

  • Why You Should Choose Us | QualiTech

    ABOUT US - Quality and Technology QualiTech was founded in 2019 as a Norwegian-Polish initiative. Utilising extensive experience and knowledge, a company was created, based on the values of Quality, Sustainability and Equality within the world of Technology. Thus the name 'QualiTech' an acknowledgment of the symbiosis of Quality and Technology. ​ ​ Today our offices, based across both Norway and Poland, globally provide multi-disciplinary engineering, project consultancy, resource outsourcing, construction services and design. ​ ​ We are active in multiple industries, such as, shipbuilding, recycling, construction, the energy sector, civil and marine engineering. ​ ​ Our primary focus is simplicity for our customers, without compromising on quality at any stage. ​ ​ We work closely with our business partners, allowing us to understand their needs Resulting in the delivery of great customer service throughout the project. ​ ​ ​ How QualiTech Group began and developed LEARN MORE ABOUT US Click the boxes below to discover more about us. Read more Mission, vision and values Read more Our company structure Read more Our management Read more Our certificates Return to the top

  • Mission, Vision and Values | QualiTech

    MISSION, VISION AND VALUES Our mission Utilising our competence, experience and technical expertise to remove constraints that stand in our customers' way of sustainable development, improving product quality and process efficiency. Our vision To be the leading provider of specialised technical services. Our values Read more Quality Quality is our top priority, and our high-quality services translates into superior value for our customers. Sustainability Sustainability is our core value. Health, safety, and the environment are at the heart of all of our operations. Read more Equality We believe in a diverse work environment where everyone has the same rights. A diverse community is the engine of our growth. Back to 1 engineering, staffing, installation, engineer, oil and gas

  • Engineering and Staffing Solutions | QualiTech Group AS

    Our Philosophy is - Make It Simple QualiTech's underlying philosophy is "Make It Simple" whether it is engineering, oil and gas, staffing, or manpower. We believe that complexity is not always necessary and often complicates, resulting in additional costs when delivering a project. "Everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler" - Einstein Our Story QualiTech founded in 2020 by Svein Tore Torvund and Arvid Lønne. Both highly experienced engineers, they formed the QualiTech Group AS. Drawing on their wealth of experience in many areas enable significant growth from the outset, even in spite of global problems faced by Covid. In January 2022 they took a controlling share in HPR recruitment doubling their staffing capacity in daughter company QualiTech Staffing AS. Despite its young age QualiTech Group AS now boasts over 250 employees, and continues to grow with its biggest growth area coming from QualiTech Staffing AS, based in Bergen, Norway. Meet The Team Each manager from the QualiTech Group bring their own skill set, knowledge and expertise in their chosen area. The strength of the QualiTech Group is its diversity and close working relationships. ​ If you approach our Engineering Department for a project design, we can deliver the design, the feasibility studies, and the project management. If you need skilled workers to implement our plans QualiTech staffing can provide them, if it is a more specialised need then QualiTech Service could provide the answer. Once completed you may consider looking at other aspects of your business that need updating and streamlining, when it comes to your production. This is where you could enlist the automation services of QualiTech Solutions. In all your needs we can find a simple solution from within the QualiTech Group AS. Svein Tore Torvund CFO Marcin Rusin General Manager QualiTech Polska Terje Brurok General Manager QualiTech Service & Staffing Arvid Lønne Co-founder and General Manager Jostein Torvund General Manager QualiTech Solutions Our Customers

  • Our International Management Team | QualiTech

    OUR MANAGEMENT TEAM Team Members ​ Terje Brurok General Manager QualiTech Staffing AS QualiTech Service AS email: tel: +47 95 83 42 45 ​ Marcin Rusin General Manager QualiTech Polska Sp z.o.o email: tel: +48 513 147 762 ​ Jostein Torvund General Manager QualiTech Solutions AS email: tel: +47 93 00 95 43 ​ Arvid Lønne General Manager QualiTech Engineering AS email: tel: +47 46 84 69 80 Back to about us

  • QT Service AS | QualiTech Group AS

    QT Service AS - Specialised Staffing QualiTech Service AS is the specialised workforce within QualiTech Group AS, providing high calibre staffing solutions. All qualifications are from Norwegian institutions and all our workers are Scandinavian speaking and live in Norway. Many hold more than one trade or skillset and are used to working within different environments. As the name suggests when you need a little more Service, this is company to use, a more tailored focused deployment. Electro QualiTech Steel Workers QT ​ Rope Access QT Home

  • Engineering Project Management | QualiTech Group AS

    Engineering - civil, structural and project based Design, project management, feasibility studies, FEL, WBS and more QualiTech Engineering AS provides high-quality engineering consulting services. Our staff members are highly skilled and experienced engineers and project managers - their skills cover many disciplines and markets. The broad categories are based within oil & gas, shipbuilding, and metallurgical. We have executed brown and greenfield projects throughout phases from feasibility all the way to implementation. We work to ISO 9001 standards or to the client's requirements. ​ In addition to FEL and WBS, we can offer outsourcing of resources, in both short and long-term projects for our clients. Request a free engineering consultation. Email Subject Your message Send Thanks for submitting! Areas of Expertise QualiTech's team are a mix of highly skilled engineers and project managers. ​ Oil and gas (predominantly offshore market) Marine (design and modernisation of ships) Onshore (multi-discipline projects within metallurgical, heavy industries and civil engineering). Our Disciplines Mechanical Technology and Pipeline Civil and Structural Process Continued.. Electro Instrumentation and Automation Project management/planning/procurement etc. Home

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System | QualiTech

    ISO 9001 Quality Management System What is 9001? HMSK - HSE ISO 9001 is the world’s most recognised standard for quality management systems (QMS) and is recognised worldwide in multiple countries. ​ QualiTech uses this standard to provide evidence to our customers that we meet regulatory as well as their own requirements. It also strengthens our Health and Safety systems (HMSK) in providing a safe working environment. Published originally in 1987, the current version was released in 2015. Its Quality Management covers the following topics Requirements for a QMS Responsibilities of management Resource management Product realisation Measurement, analysis and improvement ISO 9001 is frequently evolving to ensure it delivers the best content to its users. QualiTech are constantly reviewing and updating their information to ensure we continue to meet the necessary standards in our working relationships. See our certificate Back to our certs. More info on KIWA engineering, staffing, installation, engineer, oil and gas

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