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  • Coming soon | QualiTech Group AS

    COMING SOON We're currently working on something fantastic. We'll be back soon.

  • Project Engineering Manager | QualiTech Group AS

    Project Engineering Manager Top Qualitech Polska are looking for a Project Engineering Manager to join the team in Poznań, Poland Application deadline: June 28th Employer: QualiTech Polska Sp. z o.o Location: Poznań, Poland Job title: Project Engineering Manager Part time or full time: Full time Hours: Hybrid - 50% office, 50% remote Contract type: Permanent Social links: Główne zadania: ▶️ Planowanie i zarządzanie pracą zespołu projektowego, ▶️ Wsparcie kierownika projektu oraz klienta w kwestiach technicznych, ▶️ Koordynacja międzybranżowa zespołu projektantów, ▶️ Wsparcie zespołu w doborze najlepszych rozwiązań, ▶️ Bezpośredni kontakt z klientem i dostawcami, ▶️ Udział w przygotowywaniu zapytań ofertowych, ▶️ Udział w wyborze dostawców, ▶️ Udział w analizie ryzyka projektowego oraz procesowego (e.g. HAZID, HAZOP) ▶️ Udział w przygotowaniu wyceny prac projektowych, ▶️ Tworzenie dokumentacji opisowej do projektu, ▶️ Udział w rozruchach, ▶️ Prace projektowe. Oczekujemy: ✅ Doświadczenia w projektowaniu dla przemysłu; branże: budowlana bądź mechaniczna, ✅ Podstawowej znajomości zagadnienia zarządzania projektami, ✅ Dobrej znajomość języka angielskiego w mowie i piśmie, ✅ Znajamość oprogramowania 3D (SolidWorks, pakiet Autodesk) ✅ Chęci rozwoju, ✅ Gotowości do podróży międzynarodowych. Oferujemy: ⭐ Stabilne zatrudnienie na podstawie umowy o pracę, ⭐ Możliwość rozwoju zawodowego w międzynarodowym środowisku i podnoszenia kwalifikacji zawodowych w różnych obszarach, ⭐ Dofinansowanie do świąt i urlopu, ⭐ Bonus roczny.

  • Mission, Vision and Values | QualiTech

    MISSION, VISION AND VALUES Our mission Utilising our competence, experience and technical expertise to remove constraints that stand in our customers' way of sustainable development, improving product quality and process efficiency. Our vision To be the leading provider of specialised technical services. Our values Read more Quality Quality is our top priority, and our high-quality services translates into superior value for our customers. Sustainability Sustainability is our core value. Health, safety, and the environment are at the heart of all of our operations. Read more Equality We believe in a diverse work environment where everyone has the same rights. A diverse community is the engine of our growth. Back to 1 engineering, staffing, installation, engineer, oil and gas

  • Join Our Team and Start Your Career | QualiTech

    CAREERS at QualiTech Teamwork To achieve the ambitious goals we set ourselves, a strong team is a necessity. Working with us means accepting new challenges every day. We have opportunities all over Norway and also work with staffing using workers from other countries, so you do not need to only be in Bergen. Whether you are a professional or graduate engineer, skilled worker, or tradesman you are welcome to have a talk with us about a career in QualiTech and how to join our team. We are always looking to expand our staffing and manpower companies and are always in need of skilled engineers. ​ VACANT POSITIONS QualiTech Service is recruiting new members to fill our vacant positions, if you are interested in becoming part of our ever-growing team of professionals keep reading! ​ Do you have what we are looking for? QualiTech are looking for ​ - Carpenters ​ - Climbers (SOFT/IRATA Cert.) ​ . Welders/Sheet Metal/Pipe Fitters - Project Engineering Manager (Poland) Electrician Job Info Rope Access/Tilkomstteknikker Welders/Pipe Fitter/Metal Workers Project Engineering Manager Poland Not found anything interesting? No worries! At QualiTech we are always looking for new talents. Send us your CV in English to . We kindly ask you to include in the Curriculum Vitae the following passage: “I hereby give consent for my personal data included in my application to be processed for the purposes of the recruitment process under the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation). I also consent to processing of my personal data for the purposes of any future recruitment processes”. People photo created by -

  • Operating markets and working sectors | QualiTech

    Top OUR SERVICES and Operating Markets Civil Industry Maritime Oil & gas Operating segments Description RD Research & Development We provide specialised services to bring innovation to our clients' development projects. We have experience with developing and bringing new products and services to market. We mainly focus on the area of recycling in metallurgy and energy industry. We support our clients both in the process of developing new technologies, raising funds and managing the whole project. Eng Engineering ​ We provide high quality engineering consulting services across multiple disciplines. Our highly skilled engineering staff is experienced from a variety of markets - shipbuilding, oil & gas, metallurgical. We execute brownfield and greenfield projects from feasibility study to implementation. We carry out projects based on our own processes and procedures certified to ISO9001 or client internal procedures. We also provide our resources on an outsourced basis to work on both long and short term projects for our clients. Staf Staffing We supply skilled workers from multiple disciplines and sectors. QualiTech employees have experience from a wide range of industries and markets. Our experience enables the recommendation of appropriate staffing, in terms of experience and competence in supplying our customers the manpower they require. The QA system ensures the high level of quality our customers come to expect from the QualiTech brand. Const Construction QualiTech provides multidisciplinary installation packages and projects. Beginning at procurement, prefabrication and installation through to testing and commissioning. Our business structure complements our working practices, delivering competence and capacity, relative to the different stages in our projects.

  • Services, Disciplines and Areas | QualiTech

    OUR SERVICES - Companies within QualiTech Group AS Please Click on the relevant company below QualiTech Group Explained QualiTech covers many areas and disciplines, see below QualiTech Group AS is the mother company for the QualiTech companies QualiTech Staffing (QTS) is providing skilled workers for the maritime, offshore and onshore industry QualiTech Engineering (QTE) is providing Project Management and Engineering services for the maritime-, Oil & Gas-, and onshore market in Norway, QualiTech Poland (QTP) is providing Project Management and Engineering services for the industrial market in Poland and Engineering services for supporting QualiTech Engineering and QualiTech Solutions QualiTech Solutions (QTSO) is developing products within automation for maritime, energy, aquaculture and construction market.

  • Carpenters Required from May 2022 - 2023 | QualiTech Group AS

    Carpenters required for large project in Norway Top QualiTech Service are currently looking for several carpenters to work on an exciting long-running project beginning in May ​ What is Required? ​ Knowledge and experience in removal and replacement of windows Knowledge and experience in cladding Ability to travel to site and perform rotational shift work ​ Application deadline: Open Employer: QualiTech Service AS Location: Norway, Vestland Job title: Carpenter Part time or full time: Full time Hours: Shift/rotational - can be discussed Contract type: Permanent Social links: We have the opportunity for 4 carpenters on this project and it is set to run from the end of May 2022 well into 2023. The project involves a complete restoration and conversion of a very large main building and surrounding buildings too. The work will be varied in terms of roles required and once the external aspects are completed, work will begin on the internal renovation of the building. ​ Interested applicants can contact us via the website or @ ​ For more information we can be reached - tel. no. 99224248 - HR & recruitment (Bergen Office) - tel. no. 92437330 - General manager (Oslo Office) ​ Advantages for the role Roofing experience General Building Knowledge Scaffolding skills ​ Candidates should be able to work rotational shift patterns, you have good flexibility in terms of working hours, times and days (accommodation provided) .

  • Staffing and Manpower Provider | QualiTech Group AS

    QualiTech Staffing - Electricians, Welders and more QualiTech Staffing has a host of skilled workers from multiple disciplines and sectors. Our predominant workforce is within the electro and electrical work in shipping. ​ After the purchase of HPR from the Havyard Group at the start of 2022, our workforce grew to over 250 skilled workers, making us one of the biggest providers. In addition to dominance in the field of electro, QualiTech Staffing employees have experience in a wide range of industries and markets. A key factor for QualiTech Staffing is Health and Safety or HMSK of our workers, our customers know that not only can we supply their manpower and staffing needs but in addition, our workers will perform the job safely and securely. ​ We pride ourselves on the fact that through our vast network and bank of multiskilled workers we can often meet the staffing and manpower demands of our customers both in and outside of these specialised areas. Contact us to find out our hourly rates Email Subject Your message Send Thanks for submitting! Electro Our highly skilled team of Electricians, work within the industrial sectors, executing and completing a wide variety of tasks. ​ 95% of our electro team hold current DSB qualifications. Skillsets and Project Areas Skillsets ​ Cable ways installation Laying and fixing cables I nstallation and connecting busbars M ain switchboard cabinets Connecting control cabinets and control panels Fire protection installations CCTV equipment ​ Projects ​ Silver Seed på Mølnarodden i Lofoten Lerøy Fish fillet factory in Stamsund Lerøy Midt bygger ut smoltanlegget i Belsvik Avinor Flysikring i Krystiansund Rokilde Omsorgsbolig og Sykehjem Kristiansund Shipyards QT Staffing works with all aspects of the electrical systems in shipping, ​ Switchboards Engine control rooms The engine room The bow thruster room Wheelhouse Air-condition systems Living quarters Galley and equipment (freezers and cookers) ​ Our electricians, follow technical drawings, to install and connect all systems, appliances, and devices on board. ​ As an employer of skilled workers we select the most qualified employees and tailor them to the needs of our clients when undertaking projects. ​ ​ Take me home Please contact us to find out how we will meet your staffing and manpower needs, and through our QA system you can be confident to receive a high level of quality from the QualiTech brand.

  • Portfolio of Recently Completed Projects | QualiTech Group AS

    Portfolio of recent projects QualiTech's Engineering, Electro, Welding, Sheet Metal work, and Installation projects portfolio. Lerøy - fish processing plant QualiTech Staffing worked in collaboration with Lofoten Elektro to reconstruct Lerøy's factory. #staffing Borga - Steel Hall Construction This is your Project description. A brief summary can help visitors understand the context of your work. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start. Coming Soon We will update this soon Ainfra - Mountain Security Work Working alongside Ainfra to ensure the security and safety of the rock face through a system of removal or bolting of loose rocks. #ropeaccess Ferry Conversions MF Romsdalsfjord, MF Korsfjord, MF Moldefjord MF Glutra involving the conversion of gas-powered ferries for hybryd-powered. Read here about the project MF Glutra from our customer Westcon Yards Coming Soon This will be updated soon Fjellsikring

  • Coming Soon | QualiTech Group AS

    Coming Soon to our webpage! More QualiTech Content Coming Soon QualiTech is adding content to our site to provide the best and most up to date information to you. The information will be here soon. If you have any questions please use the link below or contact us here. Write your email in below and we will let you know when its ready. Subscribe Thanks for submitting! Back

  • Why You Should Choose Us | QualiTech

    Top ABOUT US - Quality and Technology QualiTech was founded in 2019 as a Norwegian-Polish initiative. Utilising extensive experience and knowledge, a company was created, based on the values of Quality, Sustainability and Equality within the world of Technology. Thus the name 'QualiTech' an acknowledgment of the symbiosis of Quality and Technology. ​ ​ Today our offices, based across both Norway and Poland, globally provide multi-disciplinary engineering, project consultancy, resource outsourcing, construction services and design. ​ ​ We are active in multiple industries, such as, shipbuilding, recycling, construction, the energy sector, civil and marine engineering. ​ ​ Our primary focus is simplicity for our customers, without compromising on quality at any stage. ​ ​ We work closely with our business partners, allowing us to understand their needs Resulting in the delivery of great customer service throughout the project. ​ ​ ​ How QualiTech Group began and developed LEARN MORE ABOUT US Click the boxes below to discover more about us. Read more Mission, vision and values Read more Our company structure Read more Our management Read more Our certificates Return to the top

  • Rope Access SOFT IRATA Tilkomstteknikk | QualiTech Group

    Rope Access Rope Access (Tilkomstteknikker) is an efficient and effective method of access to a work area that can dramatically reduce our customers' resources, time, and cost. Offshore QualiTech can provide experienced scaffolders to the offshore world, in addition, we have several workers in a variety of disciplines like NDT, mechanics, and electricians to name but a few. Email Rob Fox Climbing Manager Contact us or our climbing manager for availability Onshore Our onshore workers have experience in the city, mountain management, tree surgery, and road/tunnel work. Get in touch with your needs and we can find a solution to your needs. Email Rob Fox Climbing Manager Contact our manager for availability Wind Turbines QualiTech has a dedicated team of GWO-qualified climbers for both onshore and offshore maintenance of wind turbines. Email Rob Fox Climbing Manager Contact our climbing manager for availability We can supply both IRATA and SOFT certified climbers We have dedicated onshore and offshore teams All climbers have up to date certificates Need a climber with a specialised skill? ​ Interested in joining the team or questions about what we can deliver? Send an email to

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