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  • Portfolio of Recently Completed Projects | QualiTech Group AS

    Portfolio of recent projects QualiTech's Engineering, Electro, Welding, Sheet Metal work, and Installation projects portfolio. Lerøy - fish processing plant QualiTech Staffing worked in collaboration with Lofoten Elektro to reconstruct Lerøy's factory. #staffing Borga - Steel Hall Construction This is your Project description. A brief summary can help visitors understand the context of your work. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start. Coming Soon We will update this soon Ainfra - Mountain Security Work Working alongside Ainfra to ensure the security and safety of the rock face through a system of removal or bolting of loose rocks. #ropeaccess Ferry Conversions MF Romsdalsfjord, MF Korsfjord, MF Moldefjord MF Glutra involving the conversion of gas-powered ferries for hybryd-powered. Read here about the project MF Glutra from our customer Westcon Yards Coming Soon This will be updated soon Fjellsikring

  • Coming Soon | QualiTech Group AS

    Coming Soon to our webpage! More QualiTech Content Coming Soon QualiTech is adding content to our site to provide the best and most up to date information to you. The information will be here soon. If you have any questions please use the link below or contact us here. Write your email in below and we will let you know when its ready. Subscribe Thanks for submitting! Back

  • Electricians | QualiTech Group AS

    ​ Skilled Electricians Required Top ​ What is Required? ​ Electrical Fagbrev EX course Travel and rotational shift work ​ QualiTech Service are currently looking to grow our team of skilled electricians, have you got what it takes? Application deadline: Open Employer: QualiTech Service AS Location: Norway Job title: Elektrikere gr. L Part time or full time: Full time Hours: Shift/rotational Contract type: Permanent Social links: There are many opportunities for skilled electricians both onshore and offshore around Norway and its surrounding waters, it just depends on the project and the skilled worker. ​ The work can be quite varied, from installation, new builds, repair work, and maintenance. ​ Interested applicants can contact us via the website or @ For more information we can be reached - tel. no. 99224248 - HR & recruitment (Bergen Office) - tel. no. 92437330 - General manager (Oslo Office) ​ Advantages for the role FSE course AT and SJA Fallsikring Relevant working experience ​ Candidates should be able to work rotational shift patterns, (accommodation provided) .

  • QT Service AS | QualiTech Group AS

    QT Service AS - Specialised Staffing QualiTech Service AS is the specialised workforce within QualiTech Group AS, providing high calibre staffing solutions. All qualifications are from Norwegian institutions and all our workers are Scandinavian speaking and live in Norway. Many hold more than one trade or skillset and are used to working within different environments. As the name suggests when you need a little more Service, this is company to use, a more tailored focused deployment. Electro QualiTech Steel Workers QT ​ Rope Access QT Home

  • Privacy and Cookie Policy | QualiTech

    PRIVACY POLICY AND COOKIES Privacy statement Use of cookies / privacy This privacy statement applies to QualiTech AS, org. No. 924576863 ( ) and indicates what information is registered about you when you visit our website, what we use the information for, what rights you have, and who you can contact if there is something you are wondering about The content of the statement from time to time may change, and those changes will be published on our website. ​ We will notify you by email or SMS in the event of significant changes. Privacy statement was last updated on 22/02/2022. ​ QualiTech Group AS is responsible for the data, and can be contacted through the information in contact us. ​ In addition, we process behavioural data and other statistics based on your interaction as a customer. We only collect personal information that we deem necessary to, for the purpose of the processing and we strive to ensure that the personal information is correct and up to date. ​ Secure storage ​ At QualiTech AS, we take security seriously, and therefore have routines and control so that information does not get lost. We store only personal information for as long as necessary to meet our needs as described in this personal statement. Disclosure of information to third parties ​ QualiTech AS does not sell personal information to third parties, and we do not exchange or pass on such information with third parties. Third parties can only access the information if this is necessary to perform certain services for QualiTech AS. To meet our obligations under the agreement, we have all the necessary information for our partners. In such cases, strict agreements are entered into to ensure information security, in addition, QualiTech AS will always decide how the processing of the information is to take place. Personal information that we share with our partners is private information that is collected in connection with purchases. ​ Overview of partners: ​ - Google Analytics Deletion of privacy information Information we are obliged to retain under the Accounting Act will be stored for up to 5 years, in accordance with the requirements of the Act. ​ Cookies A cookie - is a small text file that is on your device when visiting Cookies that are placed on your device can be divided into three different categories based on use, which are described below. Necessary Cookies ​ The purpose of necessary cookies is to be able to deliver a well-functioning and good website to you. This makes the website remember which choices you have previously made. Statistics In order to ensure that we deliver the best user experience at to our guests, we collect technical data such as where you come from, any keywords and how long you are on our website. An IP address is collected which is anonymised and cannot be used to identify you as an individual. Collected statistics are stored only for as long as required to perform our services, or as long as required by law. Marketing ​ We use third party solutions to personalise the website for you. The purpose is to be able to customise the website based on what you have previously put on. Solutions from third parties where we share some of your information with are: - Google Analytics - Facebook Pixel Deletion of cookies You have the opportunity to control which cookies you allow on your device, but notice that will not work optimally if no cookies are allowed. If you want to delete cookies on your device, you can use Privacy Policies' page at ​ ​ Your rights ​ You have the right to access the personal information we have registered about you. If the information is incorrect, incomplete, or irrelevant, you can demand that it be corrected or deleted. Deletion presupposes that we are not obliged to store the information in accordance with applicable law or other obligations we have. You may have your personal information transferred from us. The personal information will be sent in a machine-readable format. ​ You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us. ​ If you experience that your personal data is not processed in accordance with this declaration, you have the right to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. ​ ​ ​ Back English engineering, staffing, installation, engineer, oil and gas

  • Our International Management Team | QualiTech

    OUR MANAGEMENT TEAM Team Members ​ Terje Brurok General Manager QualiTech Staffing AS QualiTech Service AS email: tel: +47 95 83 42 45 ​ Marcin Rusin General Manager QualiTech Polska Sp z.o.o email: tel: +48 513 147 762 ​ Jostein Torvund General Manager QualiTech Solutions AS email: tel: +47 93 00 95 43 ​ Arvid Lønne General Manager QualiTech Engineering AS email: tel: +47 46 84 69 80 Back to about us

  • Construction | QualiTech Group AS

    Construction QualiTech predominantly deals with electricians, sheet metal workers and welders. However we have diversity in our ranks and have also completed projects in tunnels, mountains, building sites and offshore platforms. Even if you do not find what you are searching for on our site, its is still worth asking us via our contact form as we may be able to help! Maritime Outfitting QualiTech is involved in the construction, installation and fitting up of car ferries. Working in collaboration with firms such as Westcon yards Electrical Installations Electro and electricians is a big area of expertise for QualiTech, so for all your electro needs, send us an email with your requirements no matter how large or small. Sheet metal work and insulation Thin plate, to welding and launching vessels, QT has a large hardworking team that could help your project come in on time and budget. Carpentry, Scaffold, Welding Other discipline examples from our work force include carpenters, pipe fitters, welders etc. We also have solutions to many other challenges faced by customers, so please contact us with your challenges.

  • Rope Access SOFT IRATA Tilkomstteknikk | QualiTech Group

    Rope Access Rope Access (Tilkomstteknikker) is an efficient and effective method of access to a work area that can dramatically reduce our customers' resources, time, and cost. Offshore QualiTech can provide experienced scaffolders to the offshore world, in addition, we have several workers in a variety of disciplines like NDT, mechanics, and electricians to name but a few. Email Rob Fox Climbing Manager Contact us or our climbing manager for availability Onshore Our onshore workers have experience in the city, mountain management, tree surgery, and road/tunnel work. Get in touch with your needs and we can find a solution to your needs. Email Rob Fox Climbing Manager Contact our manager for availability Wind Turbines QualiTech has a dedicated team of GWO-qualified climbers for both onshore and offshore maintenance of wind turbines. Email Rob Fox Climbing Manager Contact our climbing manager for availability We can supply both IRATA and SOFT certified climbers We have dedicated onshore and offshore teams All climbers have up to date certificates Need a climber with a specialised skill? ​ Interested in joining the team or questions about what we can deliver? Send an email to

  • Achilles JQS Professional Certificate | QualiTech

    Achilles JQS Registration What is JQS? Achilles JQS, is a Joint Qualification System (JQS) within the Oil and Gas industry, used by contractors and operators. ​ The system allows customers to search and validate companies they are interested in working with who have been through the registration process. ​ They collect and validate supplier data, which helps to mitigate global risk. Their insights are data driven, which leads to greater performance, security and sustainability of supply chains. ​ Being a part of Achilles means our customers can reduce their costs and risks whilst simultaneously increasing their opportunities and their supplier's compliance. ​ engineering, staffing, installation, engineer, oil and gas Services Certificate Oil and Gas Certificate More info on Achilles Back to our certificates

  • Personvern | QualiTech

    PERSONVERN OG PERSONVERNEKLÆRING Personvernerklæring ​ Bruk av cookies/personvern ​ Denne personvernerklæringen gjelder for QualiTech AS, org. nr 924576863 ( ) og angir - hvilke opplysninger som registreres om deg når du besøker nettsiden vår, - hva vi bruker opplysningene til, - hvilke rettigheter du har, og - hvem du kan kontakte hvis det er noe du lurer på Innholdet i erklæringen kan bli endret, og endringer vil bli publisert på vår nettside. ​ Vi vil varsle deg på e-post eller SMS i tilfelle vesentlige endringer. ​ Du kan når som helst melde deg ut av kundeklubben og trekke tilbake ditt samtykke helt eller delvis. Personvernerklæring ble sist oppdatert 01.02.2022. QualiTech Group AS er behandlingsansvarlig, og kan kontaktes gjennom informasjonen i Kontakt oss . ​ I tillegg behandler vi atferdsdata og annen statistikk basert på din interaksjon som kunde. Vi innhenter kun personopplysninger som vi anser som nødvendige for å oppfylle formålet med behandlingen og tilstreber at personopplysningene er korrekte og oppdaterte. Sikker oppbevaring Hos QualiTech AS tar vi sikkerhet på alvor, og har derfor rutiner og kontroll slik at informasjon ikke skal komme på avveie. Vi lagrer personopplysninger så lenge som nødvendig for å oppfylle våre forpliktelser til deg slik som beskrevet i denne personvernerklæringen. ​ Utlevering av opplysninger til tredjeparter ​ QualiTech AS selger ikke personopplysninger til tredjepart, og vi bytter eller videreformidler heller ikke slik informasjon med tredjepart. Tredjepart kan bare få innsyn i opplysningene hvis dette er nødvendig for å utføre bestemte tjenester for QualiTech AS. For å kunne oppfylle våre forpliktelser etter avtalen utleveres nødvendige opplysninger til våre samarbeidspartnere. I slike tilfeller inngås strenge avtaler for å ivareta informasjonssikkerheten, i tillegg vil QualiTech AS alltid bestemme hvordan behandlingen av opplysningene skal foregå. Personopplysninger som deles med våre samarbeidspartnere er personvernsopplysninger som samles inn i forbindelse med kjøp. Oversikt over samarbeidspartnere: - Google Analytics Sletting av personvernsopplysninger Opplysninger vi etter bokføringsloven er forpliktet til å bevare vil lagres inntil 5 år, i henhold til lovens krav. Informasjonskapsler (Cookies) ​ En informasjonskapsel – cookie – er en liten tekstfil som lagres på din enhet ved besøk hos Cookies som plasseres på din enhet kan deles inn i tre forskjellige kategorier basert bruksområde, som er beskrevet nedenfor. ​ Nødvendig Formålet med nødvendige cookies er å kunne levere en velfungerende og god nettside til deg. Dette gjør at nettsiden husker hvilke valg du tidligere har tatt. Statistikk For å kunne sørge for at vi leverer den beste brukeropplevelsen hos til våre besøkende, innsamler vi teknisk data som blant hvor man kommer fra, eventuelle søkeord og hvor lenge man blir værende på nettsiden vår. Det blir samlet inn IP-adresse som anonymiseres, og kan ikke brukes til å identifisere deg som enkeltperson. ​ Innsamlet statistikk lagres bare så lenge det kreves for å utføre våre tjenester, eller så lenge som det foreskrives i loven. ​ Markedsføring Vi benytter løsninger fra tredjeparter for personalisering av nettsiden for deg. Formålet er å kunne tilpasse nettsiden basert på hva du tidligere har sett på. ​ Løsninger fra tredjepart hvor vi deler noe av din informasjon med er: ​ - Google Analytics - Facebook Pixel ​ Sletting av cookies ​ Du har selv mulighet til å kontrollere hvilke cookies du tillater på din enhet, men merk at ikke vil fungere optimalt om ingen cookies tillates. Om du ønsker å slette cookies på din enhet, kan du benytte sin veiledning: Dine rettigheter Du rett til innsyn i hvilke personopplysninger vi har registrert om deg. Dersom opplysningene er feil, ufullstendige eller irrelevante, kan du kreve at de skal rettes eller slettes. Sletting forutsetter at vi ikke er forpliktet til å oppbevare opplysningene i henhold til gjeldende lovgivning eller andre forpliktelser vi har. Du kan be om at dine personopplysninger overføres fra oss. Personopplysningene vil bli oversendt i et maskinleselig format. ​ Du kan når som helst trekke tilbake samtykke du har gitt ved å kontakte oss . Dersom du opplever at dine personopplysninger ikke blir behandlet i henhold til denne erklæringen, har du rett til å klage til Datatilsynet. ​ ------------------------------ Back Norsk engineering, staffing, installation, engineer, oil and gas

  • Rope Access Technicians | QualiTech Group AS

    Rope Access Technicians Required Top Requirements ​ SOFT or IRATA Certification Travel and rotational shift worker English or Norwegian fluency ​ QualiTech Service are currently looking to grow our team of Rope Access Technicians, have you got what is required? Application deadline: March 21st Employer: QualiTech Service AS Location: Norway Job title: Tilkomstteknikk Part time or full time: Full time Hours: Shift/rotational Contract type: Permanent Social links: There are many opportunities for work depending on your qualifications and experience. With onshore locations we mainly use IRATA and for the offshore, its nearly always SOFT, when working in Norway and its surrounding waters. ​ ​ The work can be quite varied, from offshore oil rig work, to onshore painting or mountain work. ​ Interested applicants can contact us via the website or @ ​ For more information we can be reached ​ - tel. no. 99224248 - HR & recruitment (Bergen Office) - tel. no. 92437330 - General manager (Oslo Office) ​ ​ Advantages for the role Fagbrev GSK Offshore course Scaffolding Course Relevant work experience ​ ​ Candidates should be able to work rotational shift patterns, (accommodation provided). ​ ​

  • Magnet JQS Professional Certificate | QualiTech

    Magnet JQS Magnet JQS, formerly know as EPIM, is a Joint Qualification System (JQS) within the energy sector, used by contractors and operators. ​ The system provides a convenient way to find, investigate and validate existing and potential suppliers. ​ It is the only JQS used by all operators on the Norwegian North Sea. ​ Certification within Magnet JQS is based on ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 and United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Qualitech is one of over 2000+ registered companies worldwide that meet the Magnet JQS standard. ​ Magnet utilises the United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) as a category standard for registration of products and services, this allows members of the network to easily search and filter results, to find the most suitable supplier. What is Magnet? See our certificate More info on Magnet engineering, staffing, installation, engineer, oil and gas Back to

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