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QualiTech Solutions AS

Automation - the simplification and improvement of processes

QualiTech Solutions serve a wide range of industries, providing high-quality products and automation services.

Through close and symbiotic relationships with our customers, we are able to remove the difficulties they face in their engineering, processes, and working practices.  This close working relationship allows QualiTech Solutions to better understand our customers' needs, and deliver our services at the right price and quality. 

The combination of knowledge, experience and cutting-edge ideas allows the delivery of creative and innovative solutions to our customers.

These automation solutions may; remove a difficulty, eliminate risks or streamline repetitive operations, all leading to an economic gain and improvement in staffing needs

QualiTech Solutions supply our services at competitive prices which in turn translates into market gains for our customers and provide them with the edge they are looking for.

Automation Experts in Bergen, Norway

QualiTech Solutions
Areas of Expertise

  • Power plants

  • Cranes

  • Onshore activities

  • Marine sector

  • Building automation

Versatility without compromise

QualiTech Solutions support a multitude  of industries, whether as consultants or in a service capacity.

In the example of 'building up a new plant' we can supply everything regarding automation of the plant from Sensors to controllers and HMI (panels and computers).

QualiTech Solution Consultants HMI and controllers
RJ45 fibre optic ethernet links

Fast and Reliable Communication

In addition to the well-known ethernet-link (RJ45), we support optical fibre.

Fibre is a fast and reliable way of sending data.

It supports longer distances, and the signal is not affected by interference.

Extensive Equipment Choice

  • Network/communication (ethernet, Optical fibre, wireless communication)

  • PLC (different brands)

  • HMI (panels, computers)

  • Sensors

  • Complete automation cabinets

Automation and cutting edge design
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