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QualiTech Staffing - Electricians, Welders and more

QualiTech Staffing has a host of skilled workers from multiple disciplines and sectors.  Our predominant workforce is within the electro and electrical work in shipping.

After the purchase of HPR from the Havyard Group at the start of 2022, our workforce grew to over 250 skilled workers, making us one of the biggest providers.

 In addition to dominance in the field of electro, QualiTech Staffing employees have experience in a wide range of industries and markets.


A key factor for QualiTech Staffing is Health and Safety or HMSK of our workers, our customers know that not only can we supply their manpower and staffing needs but in addition, our workers will perform the job safely and securely. 

We pride ourselves on the fact that through our vast network and bank of multiskilled workers we can often meet the staffing and manpower demands of our customers both in and outside of these specialised areas.

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QualiTech Staffing Electricians


Our highly skilled team of Electricians, work within the industrial sectors, executing and completing a wide variety of tasks.

95% of our electro team hold current DSB qualifications.

DSB Elektro Qualification

Skillsets and Project Areas


  • Cable ways installation

  • Laying and fixing cables

  • Installation and connecting busbars

  • Main switchboard cabinets

  • Connecting control cabinets and control panels

  • Fire protection installations

  • CCTV equipment


  • Silver Seed på Mølnarodden i Lofoten

  • Lerøy Fish fillet factory in Stamsund

  • Lerøy Midt bygger ut smoltanlegget i Belsvik

  • Avinor Flysikring i Krystiansund

  • Rokilde Omsorgsbolig og Sykehjem Kristiansund

QualiTech Staffing Steel Worker
QualiTech Staffing Elektro Engineers


QT Staffing works with all aspects of the electrical systems in shipping,  

  • Switchboards 

  • Engine control rooms

  • The engine room 

  • The bow thruster room

  • Wheelhouse

  • Air-condition systems

  • Living quarters

  • Galley and equipment (freezers and cookers)   

Our electricians, follow technical drawings, to install and connect all systems, appliances, and devices on board. 

As an employer of skilled workers we select the most qualified employees and tailor them to the needs of our clients when undertaking projects.

Please contact us to find out how we will meet your staffing and manpower needs, and through our QA system you can be confident to receive a high level of quality from the QualiTech brand.

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