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QualiTech's StartBANK Certificate

What Does StartBANK registration mean

StartBANK is part of the Achilles Certification system QualiTech Group’s companies follow.

Launched in 2005 in collaboration with The Norwegian Construction Industry Association (BNL), to meet the legislative and risk management needs of the industry throughout Norway.

Purpose – StartBANK assists Buyers and Suppliers relationships within the construction industry, by providing updated supplier information and promoting fair competition for contracts.

Why StartBANK? – QualiTech’s customers can have greater confidence knowing we have been through the registration process, demonstrating we are serious participants in all projects we deliver.

Our StartBANK registration also allows our customers to assess not just our abilities but also our suitability when using StartBANK’s database, criteria they can use to find us include:

  • geographical location

  • financial information

  • capacity

  • insurance

  • quality control systems

  • health, safety policies (HSE)

  • paid taxes

  • products and services available

  • references etc.

Standards QualiTech fulfilled

  • statement of financial key figures

  • up-to-date payment of imposed taxes and fees

  • adherence to the legal requirements of last year's Annual Report and Accounts

  • not involved in debt-settlement proceedings

  • completed and submit a full application, including supporting documentation as evidence

  • submitted the latest Certificate of Incorporation

  • valid Liability Insurance

  • valid Occupational Injuries Insurance

  • valid Tax certificate

engineering, staffing, installation, engineer, oil and gas

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